so you think you make the best bbq - Do you?

Come put your skills to the test!

Our competition draws 30-40 local backyard BBQ teams over the 2-day event. Many of our competitors are local family teams that return every year in hopes of taking the title of "King of the County." 

Are you up to the challenge? 

BBQ Competition - Saturday and Sunday


People's Choice Teams

 BBQ Teams that are competing for the People's Choice Award will have their ribs judged by festival attendees. The festival organizer will sell individual rib tickets for $3 each. Profit is split 60/40. Teams will comply with CCC Health Department's Temporary Food Facility Operator requirements. 

*Contact the MTZ Chamber at (925) 228-2345 if you would like to compete. 

Backyard BBQ Competitor

 $50 per entry, includes a 10x10 booth. To enter the competition, download and complete the BBQ Challenge Application Packet and submit it to the Martinez Chamber office at 603 Marina Vista Avenue, Martinez, CA 94553 or email 

*Teams can cook Ribs, Chicken or Chef's Choice. 

*Public sampling of food is not allowed.